The Blassics ‎– Odd Jazz Vol 1 ‎– Oddfunk006

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This record was released in 2016. Unfortunately not too many people know about it. What you hear on this album is music of togetherness, which explores rhythm in it's most hypnotic tribe sound with a great freedom and peacefulness. 12 tracks of jazz silhouettes!

The record is flat, clean and sounds very warm.
Recorded on TASCAM 38 8-Track Tape Recorder
Limited and numbered edition of 500 copies.
Courtesy of Odd Funk Records

A1 The Dancers of Tanguelan
A2 Shango
A3 To See Means To Know?
A4 The spirits of the dead
A5 Python
A6 Sangoma
B1 Vodun Talisman
B2 Himalayan Winds
B3 Nag Chamba Street
B4 Lava
B5 Unknown
B6 Odd Sticks