Ill Considered ‎– An Ill Considered Christmas - STACLP09

Image of Ill Considered ‎– An Ill Considered Christmas - STACLP09

1st press
Courtesy of Ill Considered Music

Dark, melancholy, aggressive, raging and subdued; “An Ill Considered Christmas” captures these essential festive feelings, weaving thorny, angular, unforgiving structures and stretching the helpless, protesting forms of infamous Christmas songs over them, creating a unique collection of Yuletide Chimeras. Recorded live in a day, with each musician extremely close to each other in the room, you can really feel the intensity of communication between them and the cohesive sound this proximity elicits. We hope this albums helps you have an appropriately Ill Considered Christmas.
released December 7, 2018


Vincent De Boer: Paint and Brushes
Idris Rahman: Saxophone, Clarinet
Leon Brichard: Electric Bass
Emre Ramazanoglu: Drums, Percussion, Drones

Recorded, Mixed and Master By Emre Ramazanoglu at Hoxa HQ London on the 12th and 13th November 2018.

Artwork by Vincent De Boer