Free form, experimental and jazz music record label based in Tallinn, Estonia.

We are two friends (Dmitri & Valentin) who both share the passion for music. The idea to start a record label comes from our love for discovering and collecting unknown records. It was always very sad that most of those records didn't have background information whatsoever. We felt that there are also so many contemporary artists, especially in the field of experimental music, that deserve to be heard and not to get lost in the history. After spending many evenings together listening to the records, we decided to give a new dimension to our hobby and started working on our first release back in March, 2017. 

We concentrate on releasing free-form, jazz and experimental music from independent artists. We would like to keep our releases free of any boundaries like the music itself. The integral part of our label is to create audiovisual, documented material, which will help to better illustrate background and ideas behind our releases. You are welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep track of the latest videos. We want more people to take a chance and discover new music with an open and free mind, without any prejudices.

Vinyl is the best possible way to preserve the music material and engage with it. We care about every single detail of our releases from the sound of the music to the packaging and look for the best quality possible to enhance records appearance, because we see them as collectible items having both cultural and historical significance. All of our releases are strictly limited.

If you have any questions please email us: [email protected]