Jesse Dulman Quartet - Live at Downtown Music Gallery - RRGEMS03

Image of Jesse Dulman Quartet - Live at Downtown Music Gallery - RRGEMS03
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12" 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 250 ex.
Recorded live July 30, NY, USA
Released December 16, 2017 and distributed by RR GEMS Records © 2017 RRGEMS03

We were more than happy to meet such a sincere man as Jesse Dulman. This album was recorded during a performance at Downtown Music Gallery, NY with a help from one of the busiest musicians Misha Panfilov. The main theme of the album is the homage to artists Jesse Dulman have played with and who have inspired him to play his tuba in his own way.

This is some honest and serious music. No copycat shit. Even if it might sound familiar, it is new at the same time. We love musicians that can stay themselves and precious those who have developed their own voice. You can hear Ras Moshe playing in the left channel on tenor sax and Dave Sewelson (baritone sax) on the right. Jesse Dulman making tuba sounds and Leonid Galaganov playing drums. Altogether playing Jesse Dulman compositions. We invite you to witness music in the making.

Jesse Dulman, tuba
Ras Moshe, tenor sax
Dave Sewelson, baritone sax, sopranino sax
Leonid Galaganov, drums, percussion
Produced by Misha Panfilov

A1 - Making Amends to Chelsea the Neighborhood (04:17)
A2 - Confusion (01:38)
A3 - Blues for Lettie (04:20)
A4 - Thanks to William Parker (03:44)
B1 - Homage to Charles McGee, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre and Will Connell (17:33)

All compositions by Jesse Dulman Quartet, International Tuba Songs Music Publishing Company, BMI.