Misha Panfilov – Atl​â​ntico – MIRAAZ-23-01

Image of Misha Panfilov – Atl​â​ntico – MIRAAZ-23-01

Released on Miraaž Records, 2023

Atlantico is the second release on Misha Panfilov’s own label, Miraaž Records. This album hits on all fronts. It kicks off with “Vertical”. A mystical beginning with feedback fuzz guitars and spacial keys immediately attract your attention. After the bass enters the stage, you can feel the soft and immersive depth of the kaleidoscopic sounds of the Atlantic. It knocks you off your feet and pulls you to the shore. Carefree “Alegria Em Movimento” radiates reassurance and inner warmth. A celebration of life. You have shown resilience in the face of adversity and you deserve it.

Side II continues with “Сaleidoscópio”. Тhe waves pick you up again and carry you into the deep. A powerful chorus of wind instruments and vocals evoke a sense of invigoration and vitality. “Domingo Mágico” resembles the feeling of Alegria. An enchanting arrangement makes you think - Alegria is a way of life. Natural beauty surround you. It's highly likely that you're already enchanted, but “Para O Sol” ignites a quest for new discoveries. Acoustic guitars reminiscent of Jorge Ben. Shimmering synths. Velvety and haunting flugelhorn. It builds and the music reaches its climax. Pure musical transcendence.