PLOP - Yxin Kotona - RRGEMS02

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12" 180 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 300 ex.
Recorded live June 26 & 27, Tallinn
Released December 10, 2017 and distributed by RR GEMS Records © 2017 RRGEMS02

PLOP - "Yxin Kotona" (Alone at Home) might be one of the most underrated and exciting records from 2017, but we leave it for you to decide. These three young Finnish jazz veterans - Mikko Innanen, Ville Herrala, Joonas Riippa - are incredible musicians. Just take your time and listen how they feel and communicate with each other, preferably when you are Alone at Home.

It all started back in March, 2017 when we first heard PLOP playing live at "Philly Joe's" in Tallinn and it totally blew us away. It has been a true revelation and really touched our souls. Since then it has been a pure joy ride for us.

This album has it all from blues and swing to mind blowing free jazz and cinematic music layers. And it's funky at the same time. It has perfect blends of searching, soaring elements and rhythm that define the sound of PLOP.

Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone – Mikko Innanen
Double Bass – Ville Herrala
Drums, Percussion – Joonas Riippa
Produced by Misha Panfilov

A1 Yxin Kotona (3:53)
A2 Braveheart (5:45)
A3 Oinker (4:39)
A4 Tom (3:12)
A5 Bjerk´s Bone Flute (1:04)
A6 Viinaralli (2:27)
B1 Waltz for the Better Times (8:51)
B2 Emu (3:14)
B3 Mot (2:44)
B4 Hannes Behind the Window (1:39)
B5 Üks-Kaks-Kolm (3:18)
B6 Eduko (3:31)