Image of KADEF – S/T – RRGEMS13

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Released & distributed by RR GEMS Records, © 2023 RRGEMS13

Edition of 1000 ex. 2x12" heavyweight black vinyl in black poly lined inner sleeve. classic thick tip-on gatefold record jacket with artwork and calligraphy by Ala Dehghan. Booklet with liner notes by Brahja.

A group of musicians invited by Devin Brahja Waldman for a recording session in Montreal, QC. This music speaks about freedom and evolution of consciousness. The album could be categorized as improvised Gnawa Jazz Krautrock: a combination of sounds we are able to discover for the first time thanks to the artists involved.


Karma: choice and consequence based in
Agape, meaning Love: to honor the sacred boundaries of Human Beings and the intelligence of the Universe; for which we require
Discernment: in order to disentangle truth from deception and identify the voice of conscience towards
Enactment: to heal and evolve our hearts and minds in order to spread wisdom, which leads us to
Freedom: the birthright condition of the human species and all sentient beings of the Earth

Ziad Qoulaii – vocals
Mathieu Pelletier-Gagnon – keyboards
Anas Jellouf – guembri / qraqeb / drums (4)
Devin Brahja Waldman – drums / saxes / electric bass (4)
Vicky Mettler – guitar (1,3)
Sam Shalabi – guitar (2,4,6,7)
Anass Hejam – guitar (5)
Hamza Lahmadi Kenny – oud (9)
Rachid Salamate – guembri / vocals (10,11,12)
Music by KADEF
Recorded by Mathieu Pelletier-Gagnon in Montreal, QC
Mixed & Produced by Devin Brahja Waldman
Mastered by Mark Gergis
Artwork by Ala Dehghan
Layout by Ilja Tulit