Muriel Grossmann - Golden Rule - RRGEMS05

Image of Muriel Grossmann - Golden Rule - RRGEMS05
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Released November 28, 2018

2x12" 200 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 400 ex.
Gatefold// old style tip-on cover// 0,69 mm/2,71 inch thick cardboard

Released in November, 2018 and distributed by RR GEMS Records © 2018 RRGEMS05

"...The album title ‘Golden Rule’ signals a commitment to reciprocity and respect: ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. This basic premise of social harmony and human dignity is common to both religious traditions and humanist principles, and it is this belief in our ability to create cooperatively and to live in peace that underlies the beautiful sounds of this album."
Michael Jacklin, August 2018

Side I
1. GOLDEN RULE (11:26)
2. CORE (11:21)
Side II
3. PROMISE (09:12)
4. DIRECTION (10:18)
Side III
5. TRANEING IN (18:54)
Side IV
6. TRANE (12:07)
7. LIGHT (08:09)

Muriel Grossmann - soprano, tenor saxophone
Radomir Milojkovic - guitar
Gina Schwarz - bass
Uros Stamenkovic - drums

Produced and composed by Muriel Grossmann
Recorded at Dreamlandrecords Studios & Can Ventosa, Eivissa
Mixed and mastered by Louis Henry Sarmiento ll, Sonic Vista Studios
Cover design and layout by Ilja Tulit