Vous Ete’s Swing - S/T

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Vous Ete’s Swing is a soulful trio hailing from Serbia. Under the spotlight here is Veljko Vujčić who is leading the group with his expressive piano. Joined by Milan Nikolić on double bass and Uroš Stamenković on drums - a core member of the acclaimed Muriel Grossmann Quartet. The music on this album builds up a feeling of community and celebration which provokes the listener to swing in rhythm. Vous Ete’s Swing wraps you up in a warm embrace, which makes it so alluring to paint the town red. You can play this record anytime, during the morning glory hours or late night gatherings with friends. You can even find a common ground with a strictly operagoer. The music of this well assembled group conjures a reminiscence of Count Basie, Jimmy Smith and Les McCann. On Side B the trio welcomes Radomir Milojković on guitar who is blending flawlessly with the trio. An album that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Veljko Vujčić - piano
Milan Nikolić - double bass
Uroš Stamenković - drums
Radomir Milojković - guitar B1, B3

Songs by Veljko Vujčić
Arrangements by Vous Ete’s Swing
Mixing and mastering by Ivan Uzelac
Recorded at the Third Bull Studio, Belgrade on Jan 15-16, 2020
Metropolis Jazz, 2021
Exclusively available via RR Gems

Limited to 300 copies.

Listen here