Arwi of lovers ‎– Spiritus Sanctus ‎– Helmi150

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How delightful can it be to hear an obscured record without having a clue of what is on it, the only indicator from the vague liner notes being that this ensemble is hailing from Finland? You hit play and in the starting moments you realize that this music is universal. It is beat driven and has devotional connotations with a touch of Ethiopian jazz and Don Cherry. And don’t let the Army of Lovers (80's Swedish pop band) reference misguide you, because the band leader - Arwi Lind - is guiding his army and listener to a peaceful state, free of prejudice and full of courage and love. An incredible collective effort of spirit.

Released by Helmi Levyt, 2021
2LP in a gorgeous classic tip-on record jacket.
Artwork by Arsi Keva