EABS Meets Jaubi – In Search Of A Better Tomorrow ‎– AR024LP

Image of EABS Meets Jaubi – In Search Of A Better Tomorrow ‎– AR024LP

Released on Astigmatic Records , 2023

This record is a poignant melody of our times and already a contemporary jazz classic. Amidst the chaos of the world, EABS meets Jaubi, echoeing with the rhythms of our shared existence and and in the midst of the outcry they seek the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Immersed in the musician's performance I can’t help but wonder, how they find such immediate understanding, this common language they share, so effortlessly. Hailing from Poland and Pakistan, they intertwine masterfully in a symbiotic harmony, creating together a musical solace for the mind - a remarkable blend of diverse cultures and musical styles.

As the album's liner notes suggest, all we have is this moment, the present. Today EABS & Jaubi are united in music. Today they lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. It makes me think again, but how did we get so used to believing in the inevitable triumph of "good" over "evil"? Justice requires our active pursuit. Mere belief is not enough. The time has come to reshape the myths. Action must be taken today. Music is a universal language. Music is the weapon. You should have it.