Isach Skeidsvoll ‎– Dance To Summon ‎– Ultra-047

Image of Isach Skeidsvoll ‎– Dance To Summon ‎– Ultra-047

Released on Ultraääni, 2023

Dance To Summon, the opening track, sets the mood for this blissful journey. Isach Skeidsvoll emerges from the rustling percussion & plays beautiful rhythmic and melodic patterns on the piano before the rest of the band enters & unleashes sonic waves of blistering love. Like a glass of your favourite vintage, the melody is rich & full-bodied. Fine aromas of black fruits, spices, tobacco & chocolate enrich your palate. There is complexity. There is a balance between celebration & sorrow. You feel no pain... the music is poetic, filled with happiness & freedom. Other titles featured on this record are Wind Spirits, Bury Me Under A Four-Leaf Clover, Beer & Hobo. This Norwegian septet will keep your feet dancing & levitating above Earth not six feet under. It's limited to 500 copies only. Silkscreened fold-out sleeve. This vintage is a must!