Organic Pulse Ensemble ‎– The Light Comes Black - UWR090

Image of Organic Pulse Ensemble ‎– The Light Comes Black - UWR090

The Light Comes Black tells you a story about dark season in the northern parts of the globe. And with this idea it sets you up in a mood for the musical journey that will keep your spirits high.

It all starts with infectious groove as the Light Comes Black and sun is Descending. Hypnotic piano riff carries you through A Long Time Of Darkness where every instrument keeps working on the same melody evolving into a haunting tune. Mighty Cold keeps your mind sober and Ascending sounds like a theme for hope. It warms you up with uplifting flute and gives strength to your spirit. See The Sun Rise sounds like a celebration of life. Its melody blends with relaxed Reinvigoration - a new beginning. Then you are at the swinging First BBQ, a joyous feeling music. The last song on the record is Midnight Sun, which is saturated by a great spirit. It seems like there is still a glimpse of hope rediscovering that pleasure, when the black comes light again. Music composed, recorded, mixed and played by Gustav Horneij. Please listen! It is sublime.

A really nice sounding good quality record.
Limited pressing 200 copies.
Manufactured, distributed and published by Urban Waves, 2020

A1 Descending
A2 A Long Time Of Darkness
A3 Mighty Cold
A4 Ascending
B1 See The Sun Rise
B2 Reinvigoration
B3 First BBQ
B4 Midnight Sun